Trikalinos Grey Mullet Roe (Bottarga)

Known as the jewel of Greek gastronomy and the caviar from the Mediterranean seas, this cured Grey Mullet Roe from Trikalinos is an exquisite, delicate, natural product with no preservatives, and high in nutritional value.

Avgotaraho, bottarga, Karasumi, Batarekh and Poutarge are just different names given to this beautiful roe in different countries. Here in Greece, the Avgotaraho production draws upon years of experience in balancing the salting and drying processes to produce a final product that is fit for the kings of old.

Trikalinos’ cured grey mullet roe is coated with a layer of natural bee’s wax, which preserves the roe’s moisture and its delicate taste albeit having low sodium content. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, known to be beneficial to our cardiovascular health.

Best served atop some freshly made blinis with thin slivers of smoked Alaskan King Salmon, or lightly toasted brioche as a starter, or introduce them as a topping for cold capellini pasta with Japanese kombu. Pair them with a glass of Trousseau, Poulsard or Pinot Noir.

The Story of Trikalinos

Founded by the three Trikalinos brothers – Zafeiris, Nikos and Giorgos began the Grey Mullet Avgotaraho production in Etoliko since 1856. After decades and centuries of honing their skills, the family refined the art of producing superbly high quality, refined Avgotaraho in Greece.

The new generation of the family recently introduced modern production facilities but preserved their family’s traditional techniques with strict quality control procedures to ensure that the quality, hygiene and food safety of Trikalinos world famous bottarga continues to be sublime. The fleur de sel and bottarga powder from this family-run business are some of their latest culinary offerings, which embody the same philosophy and principles laid down by the Trikalinos’ founders.

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