Targanine Organic Argan Oil

Targanine’s organic argan oil is made exclusively from the kernels of argan seeds with the ancestral know-how of the Berber women.

With its high concentration in phenols, essential fatty acids (34% linoleic acid) and unsaturated fatty acids (80%), the consumption of argan oil may help to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Targanine combines old-world craftsmanship and modern extraction techniques to produce this culinary oil of extremely high quality. The sale of the products contributes towards the income and education of Berber women in Morocco, and the preservation of the endangered Argan trees.

Its distinctive nutty flavour is delicious in various salad dressings, and also versatile when drizzled over soups, grilled vegetables, warm couscous, or simply served with freshly baked unleavened bread.

The Story of Targanine

The Targanine Project brings together women's cooperatives that combine traditional know-how and modern extraction technique to produce culinary and cosmetic oils of high quality from the Argan trees. The Argan oil of Morocco not only provides an income for the Beber women at work, but also directly contributes towards the preservation and protection of endangered Argan tree today, ensuring that this oil of gold continues to flourish and grow.

In addition to its culinary usage, the Argan oil is also widely used in various cosmetic products, and also traditional medicine for the treatment of chickenpox, acne vulgaris and rheumatism. It has cholesterol-lowering properties and is recommended in patients at risk of atherosclerosis.

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