Pithon-Pailllé Anjou Les Fresnaye Blanc

The vines of Pithon-Paillé La Fresnaye are grown on a parcel of land filled with gravel, pebbles and clay in the areas of St Aubin de Luigné in the Loire Valley, France.

These low yielding Chenin Blanc vines are, on average, approximately thirty to fourty years old. The wine is matured for ten months in used oak barrels before being bottled.

This stunning wine from Jo-Pithon has a light canary yellow core that expresses plenty of stoned fruit and white floral aromas.

Polished, intense, structured and balanced, the wine shows ripe peach and pear flavours, floral honey, cream and a tinge of fresh bitter orange pee on the palate. Its lively acidity and medium to medium-plus finish go down particularly well with a luscious spaghetti carbonara made with pancetta, and topped with a raw organic egg yolk. A traditional Chinese salt-baked chicken or Japanese yellowfin collarbone simmered in dashi stock will also be perfect.

The Story of Pithon Paillé

Jo Pithon started this rather young venture with his family in 2008 after splitting from his long time business partner. Not contented on being just a conventional winegrower, Jo and his wife, Isabelle, set out to establish an additional négociant arm with their son, to allow them to vinify various top-quality wines from different areas in the Loire Valley, allowing them to turn their dreams of showcasing the versatility of Chenin Blanc and the heady, aromatic Cabernet Franc in various terroir into a reality, and diversifying their portfolio in the long run.

Jo’s organic winegrowing estate has grown to a total of 13 hectares since they started and they remain true their beliefs in selecting only the best vineyards and growers whom they procure their grapes from (for the négociant business). A life of passion, love and a never-ending drive towards perfection produced an exemplary expression of the different terroir of the Loire Valley in Pithon-Paillé’s impressive line-up of region’s best examples.

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