Monjardín Organic Piquillo Peppers

Monjardín grows these delicious red Piquillo peppers organically in and around Lodosa and its neighbouring communities where the peppers are capable of achieving optimum maturity, quality and taste.

These sweet peppers have an alluring deep red colour and delicate aromas which are grilled directly on a flame and then cleansed without submerging them in water, preserving much of their delicate and natural flavours before they are canned in glass jars.

They are considered the Red Gold of Navarra and undoubtedly one of the star products from the Navarrico family's venture into the organic food business.

Excellent as a side dish with other grilled vegetables, and they are also extremely versatile in salads, tapas, and cold pasta dishes. If you’re feeling adventurous, stuff these peppers with a mixture of shredded cold crabmeat and roe in freshly made mayonnaise, and pair it with a dry Spanish Rosado or Godello!

The Story of Monjardín

Monjardín inherited the wisdom and knowledge of their forefathers, understanding the land, its rhythms, its value, and its language.

Today they work just like what those who came before them did – listening to the ground, talking to the sky, awaiting the time of nature, giving thanks to passing day throughout the growing season.

Monjardín believes in protecting the land they work on and the lives that revolves around it.

The twenty two colours of the Monjardín organic products are the colours of the freshly harvested and packaged products: clean natural produce with the taste of purity, natural aromas, and original texture – all from organic farming where the highest quality is sought each and every step of the way.

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Mood Indigo Organics is a Singapore-based purveyor of organic, natural and fine foods and wines. Founded in 2007, we take pleasure in seeking and selecting quality products from small artisan producers.

Our products – whether they were sought, recommended or discovered — reflect our passion for taste and terroir. We source organic or natural delicacies that are by and large produced by small, family-run artisans who prize quality over quantity. We make an effort to visit our producers to taste and learn about their products and to gain an insight into their methods of production.