Los Peperetes Navajas de Finisteres (Razor Clams)

Navajas, also more commonly known as razor clams, is a popular delicacy in Spain and can be found in most seafood centric tapas bars along the coastline of Galician Sea.

Los Peperetes’ version of this succulent delicacy is harvested manually in the northern estuaries of Muros, Noia and Finisterre where choppy sea conditions is a perpetual challenge to even the most experienced divers who dare brave the dangerous waters.

Once these precious gems arrive at Los Peperetes, the flesh will be removed after steaming, salted in brine, drained and cleaned thoroughly before being hermetically sealed in a tin according to their sizes. A simple concoction of water, salt and lemon juice is all it takes to preserve the freshness of these delicious razor clams.

Enjoy them as they are or grill them lightly with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Or simply toss them in a bowl of mixed baby cos lettuce with some good Spanish olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Serve with a chilled glass of Fino, Manzanilla, Albariño, or Chablis.

The Story of Los Peperetes

Los Peperetes is a third generation artisan producer of Spanish conservas, a wide range of very refined tinned seafood from Galicia, along the coast of northwest Spain. Traditional methods are employed to prepare the all-natural seasonal delicacies in small, exclusive batches, with a highly meticulous selection process on the very best fresh catch from the sea.

Peperetes – a word of Galician origins which evokes something pleasant, appetising, desirable, flavourful and different, forms the essence or backbone of this family-run business and showcases the passion and care that they poured into each can of conservas that they so lovingly make.

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