Equipo Navazos

A Fino on its way toward becoming an Amontillado, a wine traditionally labeled by winemakers and connoisseurs as Fino Amontillado — no matter how unfavorable the current legislation seems to be toward this ancient category. This is an old wine that expresses like no other, through the action of time, the stunning chalky soils of the best Pedro Ximénez vineyards in the Montilla ridge.

The wine has been sourced from the oldest fino solera in Pérez Barquero’s Bodega Los Amigos: a total of 63 butts arranged in threes, of which Equipo Navazos had the privilege to choose the 13 they considered most fascinating and singular.

La Bota de Fino (Amontillado) number 24 is a fascinating wine, deep and elegant, as well as exceptionally versatile on the dinner table. Bottled in September 2010, unfined and virtually unfiltered, its beautiful golden color is the one it exhibits straight from the butt. Excellent with some big juicy kalamata olives or pair this with some tasty five-spice Hong Kong style roast chicken and excellent chinese roast pork.

The Story of Equipo Navazos

The story of EQUIPO NAVAZOS is the story of a passion, a passion shared by an ample group of lovers and connoisseurs of traditional Andalusian wines. Aware of the sleeping treasures that rested buried in the cellars of Jerez, Sanlúcar and El Puerto, as well as in and around Montilla, the team decided to rescue some of these jewels. In 2005, Equipo Navazos started to select specific butts of special finesse and complexity and to bottle them in very limited series, at the beginning only privately for their own enjoyment and that of friends from Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and the U.S., mostly people from the wine world: oenologists, wine writers, distributors, sommeliers, as well as deeply knowledgeable aficionados.

The wines of the series La Bota are bottled in limited series, in successive numbered editions of dated releases (the date of each saca or withdrawal has been precisely stated on the label) so that aficionados can deliberately compare different editions of the same solera if they so desire. This also enables a precise following of their evolution, since — like all great wines — these are expected to evolve during their bottle life. The first editions were made available exclusively within a private circle, so, should you find any one around by chance, its origin will be invariably the reduced quota of one in the thirty or so private “partners” whose support and enthusiasm have made this thrilling project possible.

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