Don Bocarte Anchoas (Salted Anchovies)

Don Bocarte strives to procure only the highest quality young sardines and anchovies from the Bay of Biscay between April and June each year, when the highly prized fishes are at their best – plump, fat and juicy.

The salting process of the anchovies is carried out as swift as possible at Don Bocarte to ensure only the optimal amount of salt is used for preservation. Layers of the anchovies and salt are laid in big containers in a shape of a fan to allow the subsequent pressing (to remove fat) and maturing to take place. A minimum of 8 months will be required for the salt maturation process during which temperature and humidity control will be of paramount importance.

Don Bocarte’s team monitor the development of the anchovies very closely until these fishes achieve the characteristic bouquet, aroma, texture and taste that they aim for. Then the anchovies shall be manually cleaned and packed beautifully for the market.

Excellent with freshly sliced, sweet Japanese Momotaro tomates accompanied by crispy toasted baguettes. Or toss them into organic spelt linguini aglio olio to give the classic pasta dish an extra depth of flavour and aroma. A glass of Amontillado or Palo Cortado will be wonderful with these addictively delicious salty anchovy fillets.

The Story of Don Bocarte

The Bay of Biscay is a wild and open sea exposed to heavy swells. Its waters are influenced by the Gulf Stream, varying the salinity and temperature at different times of the year. The variation in the maritime climate also imparts interesting characteristics on the seafood and fish caught off the Bay.

Don Bocarte produces superb quality salted anchovies in high quality olive oil and many other distinguished seafood products from the Bay, e.g. Squid in its own ink and Spanish onion sauce, delicious white tuna loins and belly, just to name a couple. They have developed their own unique production methods in order to achieve one of the world's greatest culinary products, which will appeal even to the most discerning palates.

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