Domaine Saladin Fan dé Lune Côtes de Rhône Village

At the dawn of the new introduction of the Côtes du Rhône Villages appellation in late 1970s at St. Marcel d’Ardèche, a classic blend of Mourvedre, Grenache and Syrah was born to commemorate the arrival of two beautiful baby girls in the family’s domaine, Marie-Laurence and Elisabeth. The wine was aptly named Fan dé Lune, which simply means Child of The Moon.

The vines for the wine are approximately fourty years old and they are grown on the Villafranchian terraces dotted with oak and chestnut trees with a soil composition blessed with high mineral deposits from the Rhône River and plenty of large round pebbles, known as Galets Roulés.

A beautiful organic wine that pairs well with roast chicken marinated in traditional Provençal herbs or a Thai-inspired lemongrass, garlic, ginger and chilli rub for a little Asian twist. Plenty of plush, dark briary fruit on the palate layered with notes of charcoal, graphite and minerals and just a light touch of spice. A charming blend that is an absolute crowd-pleaser at barbeque parties, but will also appeal to those who look for elegance and purity.

The Story of Domaine Saladin

Domaine Saladin is located in Saint Marcel d’Ardèche, a sleepy, tiny village in the Southern Côtes du Rhône, on the right bank of the historic Rhône river.

This family-owned domaine currently sees its third generation of vignerons, Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence, continuing the family’s tradition and passion in winegrowing since 1422. Together with their loving parents, the two talented young winemakers grow, cultivate and vinify some thirteen different Rhône varieties on their 18-hectare property organically, allowing each parcel to express its own uniqueness where the vines are grown.

All grapes are hand-harvested and meticulous sorted in the chemical-free vineyard to ensure only the very best berries are destined for the winery. Marie-Laurence and her sister, Elisabeth, emphasize on the nuances of each terroir, vinify and age each wine with different approaches suited to each variety and adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to sulphur addition, keeping the juice and wine as natural as possible.

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