Domaine Pellé Menetou-Salon Morogues Les Blanchais

A single vineyard cuvee made by the family-owned estate of Henry Pellé, the vines, which are on average, fifty years old, are grown on the southeasterly slopes near the family’s property.

The earth underneath this particular plot of land is primarily Kimmeridgian lime-based soil and the quality of the fruit yielded from it quickly led Pellé to isolate it as a high potential parcel in the early 1980s with the birth of Clos des Blanchais, which was later renamed to the Les Blanchais we know today.

The complexity of the land seems to show evidently in the wine itself. This bright greenish-yellow Sauvignon Blanc delivers plenty of bright citrus fruit and mineral tones with a layer of herbaceousness that adds a different dimension to the wine’s flavour profile. Its immense length, zippy acidity and chalky finish make this a wonderful aperitif with some sharp tasting goat’s cheese from the Loire known as Crottin de Chavignol, or some crispy, deep-fried fresh calamari tossed in salt and pepper.

Contrary to most Sauvignon Blanc produced in the New World, Pellé’s version is capable of aging and will reach its drinking window after a few years of bottle aging. This is, after all, the birthplace of the grape variety.

The Story of Domaine Pellé

Domaine Pellé is based in Morogues, a village at the far eastern end of the Loire Valley, neighbouring the village of Sancerre. Henry Pellé was aware of the richness of the land his family owns and strived to produce grapes and wines, which observes and respects Mother Nature, and expresses the distinctive terroirs in Menetou-Salon, Morogues, and more recently, in Sancerre.

Precise, meticulous, careful devotion and nurture in the vineyards allow this family-run domain to produce top notch fruit that are harvested at full maturity, allowing the grapes to showcase their very own characteristics on the very limestone-clay soil they were grown in, minimising the need to intervene unnecessarily during the growing season and at the winery during the harvest season.

Paul-Henry Pellé, the newest generation of the family currently in charge of the winemaking, continues the hard work his forefathers had paved for him – crafting vibrant, lively, rich and terroir-driven wines of the Loire.

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